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GPS/PDA Dry Pak Waterproof LRG 5" x 8"

GPS/PDA Dry Pak Waterproof LRG 5" x 8"

Item #: P7699796
Cell phone/GPS/PDA case. 5" wide x 8" long. Clear TPU front, blue TPU back, padded and lined. Adjustable neck lanyard and anodized aluminium spring hook. Yellow sealing clip for high visibility. For beach, pool, boating, snorkeling and more. Maximum circumference: 9". Protect your valuable electronics from water, dirt, dust and impact. These tough new polyurethane waterproof cases seal hermetically, are difficult to tear or puncture and they float if dropped overboard. VHF and cell phone users can talk and listen through the clear case with very little reduction in volume or clarity. They are pliable and soft so you can easily access keypads or even touch screens like the iQue's from Garmin.

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