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Portable Toilet w/10 L Waste Tank & Fresh 12 L

Portable Toilet w/10 L Waste Tank & Fresh 12 L

Item #: LZ11867
The portable toilet is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is self contained and it doesn't require any external water or power connections. It consists of two separate tanks, a fresh water holding tank of 12L capacity and a waste holding tank of 10L. The toilet is constructed of high density polyethylene with matt finish for greater resistance to scratches. The fresh water tank provides up to 50 flushes. The double sealed drain valve protects against leakages and odours. Heavy duty, corrosion resistant side latches lock the tanks together. Both waste and fresh water tanks are one piece construction; no seams required. The detachable waste holding tank can be easily emptied, without the use of any tools.

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Store: $134.95 / EACH
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