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PSS (Packless Sealing Shaft) Shaft Seal Shaft dia 25mm

PSS (Packless Sealing Shaft) Shaft Seal  Shaft dia 25mm

Item #: PY01250112
The P.S.S. (Packless Sealing Seal System) shaft seal is a maintenance free, watertight seal that replaces the old style packing gland and requires no packing or adjustment. The PSS shaft seal is a mechanical face seal. The seal created between a rotating SS collar and a stationary carbon face. The three main components of the PSS shaft seal are the nitrile bellow, carbon flange, and SS rotor. The rotor is fixed to the shaft so that it compresses the bellow to form a watertight seal. The carbon flange is bored larger than the shaft to allow the seal to compensate for shaft vibration and misalignment. The PSS shaft seal is the number one selling brand of shaft seal.

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