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We currently have seven stores. Two in Sint Maarten, one in French St Martin, one in St Lucia, two in Grenada and one in Curacao. With the exception of Curacao all are on the water and are easily reached by dinghy. All are easily accessible by road with adequate parking.

St. Maarten

  • Cole Bay
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    Simpson Bay Lagoon

    At our main Sint Maarten location, on the shores of the Simpson Bay Lagoon, we have our own marina, a 30-ton haul-out facility, an outboard/inboard maintenance facility and a fully-stocked, full assortment chandlery with over 30,000 marine items.

    Cole Bay is the Headquarters of our operation with over 7,000sq ft in trading space and and 10,000 sq ft in warehouse and Distribution space. It is also where our online store is based.

    You will find in close proximity a variety of marine related services such as fabrication and rigging, sail lofts and shipwrights.

    Tel: 721.544.5310
    Fax: 721.544.3299

  • Bobby's Marina
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    St. Maarten, Phillipsburg

    In Sint Maarten's Capital, Phillipsburg, our second store is located at Bobby's Marina - the Marina and haul-out facility in Great Bay. Here too you will find a variety of marine related services.

    Tel: 721.543.7119
    Tel/Fax: 721.542.2675
Duty Free

Our shops on St. Maarten benefit from the duty free status of the island.

St. Martin

  • Marigot
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    We opened our 3rd Chandlery on the Island of St Maarten / Martin - this one in the center of Marigot, the French Capital. The store is housed in the old Museum building next to the French Tourist office – it abuts the Geminga boatyard and Air Antilles on one side and Marina Port Royale on the other. It is also easily accessible by dinghy or road and so is right in the hub of marine activities in the town. Our courtesy bikes will help you to get around easily.

    The business is managed by Valerie Leroy – well known amongst many cruisers for her ability to source hard to find products and parts. She continues to also own the commissary and Island Water World Agency in Marina Fort Louis (which will also serve as a drop off facility).

    The chandlery carries a broad range of merchandise that reflects the full assortment philosophy of Island Water World. Access to larger quantities will be easily achieved by the proximity to the company's distribution facility in Cole Bay.

    Tel: 00590.590.51.32.06
    Skype: valerie.iwwsm

Duty Free

This location offers the same pricing as our other stores in St Maarten.

St. Lucia

  • Rodney Bay Marina
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    Our store at Rodney Bay Marina is also a full assortment chandlery. Located in the mall at the marina and just a short dinghy ride away from the boatyard. Merchandise has been geared to all the needs of the visiting yachtsman and power boater, as well as the local fisherman.

    If you are out on the hard you will find all the products you need to complete your projects. At Rodney Bay Marina you will find a host of services from a Sail Loft to Electronic repairs as well as a number of restaurants and bars. In their large haul out yard you will find fabrication, fiberglass and spray-painting services

    Tel: 758.452.1222
    Fax: 758.452.4333

Duty Free

As is the case in Grenada, the St Lucian Government has granted Island Water World a concession to sell duty free to visiting yachtsman. To ensure we can sell to you duty free please bring along your boat papers and your clearance into St Lucia the first time you shop with us, we need copies of these for our customs records.


  • Lagoon Road
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    St. Georges

    Our main location on the lagoon in St Georges has its own dinghy dock and is located nearby the Grenada Yacht Club and new Port Louis Marina, close to the major food stores and along the main bus and taxi route.

    This store has just completed a significant revamp and has over 5,000 sq ft in trading space and a further 5,000 sq ft in warehouse space and offers a broad merchandise range - in stock.

    Tel: 473.435.2150/1
    Fax: 473.435.2152

  • Grenada Marine
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    St. David's Harbour

    Our smaller store, which specializes in boat yard, boat repair and maintenance products, is located in St David's in the Grenada Marine boatyard. This premier Grenadian boatyard has an especially widened 70 ton travel lift, ideal for large catamarans, storage for more than 200 boats and a host of facilities including a renowned shipwright, metal fabricator, riggers, electrical services, bar, restaurant and…Customs and immigration.

    Tel: 473.443.1028
    Fax: 473.443.1038

Duty Free

Grenada is not a duty free island. Island Water World has been working closely with the Customs Service there and with their help and the Governments passing of the "Yachting Act" we are able to offer our customers who own foreign flagged vessels Duty Free prices. To ensure we can sell to you duty free please bring along your boat papers and your clearance into Grenada the first time you shop with us, we need copies of these for our customs records.

Thereafter you may purchase goods from us on a duty free basis. Alternatively when you clear customs on entering the country, please ask the officer for a "permit to ship stores" to purchase from Island Water World - with this document you will be able to shop duty free at our Grenada locations.


  • 199 Caracasbaaiweg
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    Our store in Curacao is a full assortment chandlery offering 4,000sq ft in retail space and a further 2,500sq ft in warehousing. Centrally and conveniently located on the main thoroughfare of Caracasbaaiweg the store has been configured to meet all the needs of the power boater, yachtsman, sports and local fisherman.

    Also included are the store within store concepts "Dive Buddy" which offers Scuba and Snorkeling equipment to the underwater enthusiast and "Fish Tales" that caters to the Sports fisherman and Angler. We also offer deliveries to all Boatyards and popular anchorages on the island.

    Tel: 599.9.461.2144
    Fax: 599.9.461.2155


We are obliged to pay duties in Curacao and so pricing here is approximately 10% higher than our other locations. Shelf prices are in Antillean Guilders but we do accept US Dollars and Euros

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